About me

I am Jonas De Frère, a 23 years old technology enthusiast graduated magna cum laude in Applied Computer Sciences at the Erasmus University College Brussels, currently working at Realdolmen. Other than enjoying good food and hanging out with friends, I like to broaden my interests and knowledge in technology. You'll find me often exploring new things, getting to know the latest trends.

Apart from that, I am a motivated and resourceful developer, aspiring networks & security specialist and have proven myself to be a well-organised project manager. These capabilities give me to opportunity to blend in as an inspiring and motivated contributor in both new and existing teams.


Throughout my studies, I've learned a lot of languages including but not limited to Java, C++, C#, PHP (including Laravel & CodeIgniter) and Java EE (including Spring). I've also extensive knowledge of Windows Server (including AD, ISS, FTP, DNS, etc.), Linux and implementing and configuring network topologies (passed with merit in CCNA R&S and CCNA Security).

Below a quick preview of my most practiced/favorite languages and occupations.

Infrastructure (Linux & Windows Server)
Networking & security
PHP & Laravel



Android application with Laravel REST API that provides free SMS-walls for small events.


Final work assignment to make a student platform, specialized in helping students achieve better results.


An annual Hack, Game & Create event organised by students with over 400 visitors each year.


An annual event where students give presentations about their interests, mainly in the technology field.

Curriculum Vitae

Below, you can download an up-to-date version of my Curriculum Vitae. If you have questions or wish to receive more detailed info, contact me with the provided contact details or through this website.


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